Minggu, 30 Juni 2019

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EBook: 3-d Printing for Good

three-D printing offers a excellent deal of powerful capacity, now not just in shaping the way corporations function but in truly making the world a better location.

For example, low-price prosthetics could enable more get entry to to otherwise highly-priced medical gadgets, or bioprinted tissues ought to make it possible to shortcut lengthy ready lists for organ transplants.

In this 36-web page eBook, you may learn about the diverse approaches 3-D printing can be used to do true in the global, inclusive of:
three-D-revealed prosthetics
Open source 3-D printing
3-D printing for sustainable manufacturing
Bioprinting organ transplants

Michael Molitch-Hou is the Associate Managing Editor of ENGINEERING.Com and issue expert for the website online’s 3-d printing section. Michael formerly served as Editor-in-Chief of three-D Printing Industry and has protected additive manufacturing era day in and time out on the grounds that 2012, with loads of articles to his credit score. He is likewise the founding father of The Reality Institute.

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